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Inspiring healthy minds SAI Educations Teaching is an art that allows students to paint their future bright!


If you want to know how we can inspire future minds, just give us a call.


We assess each student to find their strength, using their strength, we build their confidence to face their weakness. This allows us to build confident students who can face their challenges independently.


Lesson times are fixed but flexible. How you ask? Every lesson can last from one to two hours, depending on the student’s ability to stay focused. Time of the lesson is fixed; however, we know life can get in your way, so contact the tutor to rearrange the time.


Our kid’s progress is the single most important part. We frequently assess the progress through verbal assessments and tests. We understand that kids can retain information but our assessments evaluate how they practically apply their knowledge. Parents can inquire about progress either by email or phone.


We teach kids to learn for life, not just for exams.

We are passionate about imparting education that’s meaningful for the students. Each child has a unique pace and style of learning, so we individualise the lesson plan to fit each child.

At Sai Educations, we regularly update ourselves with emerging trends in education so our students are equipped with new skills. Healthy minds can learn faster, so we ensure our students have the platform to openly communicate their struggles they face in their learning.

We unlock the talent hidden inside each student so their potential can be reached, in their school education and in life.

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